Our Fees

The RCC Value Proposition

At RCC we start with the premise we must compete to be successful. We firmly believe in every Consulting assignment we undertake the fees paid to us for services rendered MUST be deemed by our client to have added value to their organization.

Failing this their resources are wasted, as are our efforts.

As such we will NOT undertake any Consulting assignment until after we have first reached agreement with the client on the business metrics used to determine their Return On Investment (ROI) from using RCC.

This exercise and Value Proposition is unique and sets RCC apart from others with whom we compete.  It ensures our Consulting clients get something in return at least equal in value to the amount they pay RCC for the services we provide.

Bob Rohrer recently stated his feelings on this aspect of the business. “At RCC our true motivation is to ensure a client’s ROI is greater than the funds they expend for our assistance and services and we shall risk and commit our time, effort and money to ensure this happens.  We want lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships with our clients and are prepared to demonstrate this to them in more than just words”.

RCC is pleased to submit a detailed Formal Quote for Consulting Services premised on the above RCC Value Proposition after we have had the opportunity to first discuss your specific requirements and ROI metrics. Please contact us to have this discussion.

Mediated Solutions Fees

Fees for services performed by our Mediated Solutions Division are premised on what is normative for Mediation and ADR services.

Mediated Solutions is pleased to submit a detailed Formal Quote for Mediation and ADR services clients request. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can assist you in this regard.