Our Approach

No one solution fits all situations when it comes to “people” matters and issues. Each organization has a culture with qualities and challenges unique to itself. As such at RCC we take a “hands on” approach and dedicate time “up front” to thoroughly investigate and otherwise assess the true nature of issues present. This enables RCC to collaborate with our clients and craft an approach that not only works for them but also lasts. Our “outside” set of eyes and ears provide RCC the unique ability to professionally reveal, discern and understand from a perspective not available internally. This is our core strength and the foundation of our success.

Above all  – COMMUNICATION is key

We believe it essential to maintain personal and regular contact with our clients by phone, e-mail and other advanced technologies. We regularly travel to our client’s premises wherever they may be located globally, as we firmly believe this personal interaction is critical to foster sustained, successful and mutually rewarding business relationships. It also ensures the guidance we provide is compatible with established local norms, corporate, country and cultural mores, and all applicable legislation and protocols.