Mediated Solutions

RCC is aware conflict is common to all environments people are engaged in shared or collective activity.

We also have found the following to be true:

Based on these findings RCC created a separate operating division called Mediated Solutions. This division provides effective third party Mediation and Alternate Dispute Resolution Services to our clients globally.

Mediation is a process of intervention in any dispute, conflict or negotiation by an impartial third party who has no decision making power. The third party professionally and ethically assists disputing parties in voluntarily reaching their own mutually acceptable settlement of all issues in dispute by structuring their negotiation or discussions, maintaining open all channels of communication, assisting each party identify and communicate their interests and needs, identifying the true issues in dispute and assisting the parties create alternative ideas to resolve all matters in dispute.

Bob Rohrer’s extensive practical “hands on” experience in dispute resolution with International Employment and Labour Relations matters was recognized professionally in August 2009 when he was granted membership as a Mediator in the ADR Institutes of Ontario and Canada respectively.

Through RCC’s Mediated Solutions Division, Bob and selected associates will provide effective Mediation and ADR services to parties engaged in the following types of conflicts: